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Gather 'round, fellow introverts, in the sanctuary of our own solitude, because let's face it, people can be exhausting, am I right? Introducing our ode to the art of disappearing, our pièce de résistance of introversion: "I want to be where the people aren't." This candle is your ticket to serenity, a blissful blend of vanilla bean and coconut husk, whispering sweet nothings to your senses and beckoning you to unwind in peace and quiet. So, grab your coziest blanket, your favorite book, and embrace the luxury of solitude—because in this crazy world, a little alone time is pure gold, and you, my friend, deserve every shimmering moment of it.


I Want to Be Where the People Aren't

  • Availble Exclusively in:

    7oz Amber Jar


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